A Perfect (Networking) Circle

This email was sent years ago and it just came full circle. As I documented in Making the Jump, after nearly a decade in human services & non-profit, I was stuck & frustrated as I tried to transition career fields and pursue a new direction.  My mentor at the time sent this email to Larry, an READ MORE

Track Detailed Stats on Lightning Adoption

As more orgs rollout lightning to their users, admins have been looking for a method to track adoption.  Up until now, the best way to track this information is using a package from Salesforce Labs: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/appxListingDetail?listingId=a0N3A00000EFmsRUAT It provides only a few metrics as seen below that center on who is using Lightning, but its based on READ MORE

Our Favorite Things this Week: 02/23/18

1. Our New Look Ok…in hindsight our first attempt at a logo and branding for the Accidentals probably strayed too far from a Salesforce homage and ended up closer to infringement. We’ll own that one. The great thing is, the Salesforce Admins @salesforceadmns feedback gave us chance to think about our message and craft something that fits who we READ MORE

An Open Letter to the Salesforce Ohana

Dear Ohana, This is an open letter to you. It’s a love letter, actually, which might make things a bit intimately awkward since I’m sharing it with the world…but you deserve for everyone to know just how amazingly perfect I think you are. You’re always there when I have questions, and boy, do I have READ MORE

Our Salesforce Spaces

We’re all friends here right? That’s why we are inviting you into our Salesforce Spaces and hope you Share Your SalesForce Space too! #SYSFS Tom – Computers & Piracy No…not like that. I am a huge Pirates fan, so in addition to working on my recently purchased 35″ ultrawide & two MBPs (one for email/chatter, one READ MORE