2019 Haiku Contest Winners!

Once again we were thrilled to see so many join the Haiku & Salesforce fun, thanks for participating and helping us to celebrate NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month).

This years contest inspired lots of fun & creative responses; including an unexpected discussion of what entails proper haiku form (looking at you Rachel).

Thanks again and now….onto the winners!

1st Place – Winner of a Trailblazer Hoodie – Cassie Supilowski @csupilow

It was one of the strong entries coming out of the gate and in the end, Cassie’s missive on Flow Builder held off all contenders.  Speaking of haiku form, the AA voters agreed this entry, besides being timely and fun, captured the spirit of Haiku very well.

See ya never Flash

I won’t miss you, not at all

Flow Builder for life

Congrats Cassie! Way to improve on last years 3rd place effort!

2nd Place – Character Mug – LaNae Christenson @ljchris

We agree, process change is tough, keep on keeping on.

Process change is hard

Let’s keep working step by step

Salesforce leads the way!

3rd Place – Character Mug – Kel

You had us at coffee.

I do my best work

at Trailhead Tuesday with

coffee, bacon, eggs

4th Place – Character Mug –Jen Bowen @juniperuponhill

Knowing your voters is definitely an advantage – well played Jen.

Admin Accident

Fell in love with the platform

Accident no more

5th Place – Character Mug – Andy Schmiechen @AndySchmiechen

We’ll assume you want the Astro mug?

Mascot of the trails

Astro will show you the way

Oh! The things you’ll learn!

Best of the Rest – Honorable Mention

Submitted ByTwitter HandleEntry
Burak Sezgin@Burakiosaurus"I can pin list views!
Oh Spring 19, you are rad!
Please make Lightning work."
Rachel Ciprotti@rciprotti"Automation time.
Workflow or Process Builder?
No – Flows will save us."
Jen Bowen@juniperuponhill"/*
Comments in English
What did you build in your code
Help you remember
Erica Gilbert@resplendentlyme"Classic fights to stay.
Sweet Lightning wins her way.
New Flow Builder bloomed today!"
Gemma Emmett@gemziebeth"Large data volumes
Record locking contention
You must chunk your keys"

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