An Accidental Developer?

Words I never thought I’d write in an email to my boss – “I like coding a little more than I want to admit”. Those words were actually typed by the same hands typing this post in the days following my attendance at WITness Success back in July. Did I just become an Accidental Developer?!?!? READ MORE

Burnt Out

Some time in June I hit a wall… a major wall. It had been building for a while but I realized I was burnt out. Between work and my personal life I had a lot going on and I needed to step back and figure out how to make a few changes. So let’s back READ MORE

Anatomy of a Deployment Failure (pt. 3) – Production Changes and the Flight of The Icarus

 Deployment Failure (Pt. 3) Production Changes & The Flight of the Icarus Confession time: in the four or so years I’ve been working with Salesforce, I’ve never really ‘got’ Sandboxes and change sets. I suppose I’d tell a prospective employer that this demonstrates my ability to vision and action a modification without disrupting users. Then READ MORE