4 Questions to Ask Before Pressing “Buy” on the AppExchange

So, Salesforce is your jam, obviously.  The sales department is using it, and they’re feeling super three thousand and eight (is that a Fergie reference?  and why?  Eh, let’s go with it!).

There are so many ancillary apps which may be placed into Salesforce natively, or may integrate with Salesforce.  Using Salesforce as the base platform for the sales organization and then only filling your other needs with vendors that integrate into Salesforce streamlines the experience for the users, who sometimes won’t even realize that you’ve chosen an app provided by a completely separate and different vendor!

Don’t feel compelled to launch a complete integrated product to your users all at once.  If your company is considering marketing automation, a Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) app, an analytics app, a knowledge base app, or others, firmly map out what your organization can handle in terms of acquisition, configuration, and adoption, and stick to it.  As an admin, it’s much harder to internally “relaunch” a technology that’s been used in small percentages with bad or even no habits than it is to have true user adoption from the start, so design your sales technology stack with intent.

Here are four things to consider before purchasing new technology for your sales team:

  1. Does this technology integrate with Salesforce?
  2. What problem or unmet need does this application solve?
  3. Does this technology improve our current workflow, or does it create additional complexity?
  4. Will other cross-functional teams benefit from this technology?

Shannon’s a total sales tech geek, and she definitely wants to know what’s in your tech stack. Give it up below!

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