An Open Letter to the Salesforce Ohana

Dear Ohana,

This is an open letter to you. It’s a love letter, actually, which might make things a bit intimately awkward since I’m sharing it with the world…but you deserve for everyone to know just how amazingly perfect I think you are.

You’re always there when I have questions, and boy, do I have a lot. Sometimes you even answer questions I didn’t ask yet, or questions I didn’t even know to ask! You’re happy to share your expertise, your wisdom, the things that you have learned from experience, or research, or from other Ohana.

I remember the first time I *really* met you. It was my first Dreamforce, and I was overwhelmed by your confident presence. You were “happy to help,” and you were standing on a street corner not laughing at my n00b mistake of choosing the wrong footwear. You were pointing me towards the best next session. You were giving me your business card to help me – for free! – to fix a workflow that I probably actually had no business involving myself in.

You make yourself known to me daily – in my local User Group, full of friends; in our discussions in the Trailblazer Community; in our talks in Mike Wheeler’s facebook group; in our gif-fueled jokes on Twitter. You’re everywhere for me.

You recognized me as an Accidental Admin, and didn’t single me out as one who hadn’t intended for this to be my path. You renamed me Awesome Admin…and made me believe I deserved the title.

I love you, Salesforce Ohana. You make my dreams all Hall-and-Oatesy.

Not my first Dreamfest, but my Foo-Favorite Dreamfest

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