Our Favorite Things This Week: 6/1/18

Dreamforce Registration is Officially Open!!! I’m really bad about using exclamation marks all! the! time! (I get it from my Dad who thinks I work for Salesforce, not just with it, I digress), but this announcement is worthy of all the shouting! That orange button calling us to action with its words that make any Trailblazer excited went live on READ MORE

Our Favorite Things This Week: 5/18/2018

Dreamforce 2018 Admin Track Presentation Submissions Mike Gerholdt, Director of Admin Evangelism, has lit the signal of all you #AwesomeAdmin superheroes. It is almost time to submit session presentation ideas for the Admin Track at Dreamforce 2018! What is it that you know really well or are super passionate about? Maybe you want to present with some READ MORE

Our Favorite Things this Week: 3/9/2018

1. Simon’s Career Tips As Accidentals, we all embrace being adaptable, just like Salesforce’s Chief Marketing Officer, Simon Mulcahy. This week, the Salesforce blog featured some of his “little career tips that make a BIG impact” – and if these aren’t just the perfect way to describe how Accidentals have blazed their trails, I don’t READ MORE