Celebrating the Journey to Trailblazer!

Oh, Salesforce Ohana! What an accomplishment – there are over 1,000 Trailblazer Community Groups! Let’s celebrate with a look back at what the Community has meant to this Accidental. How Did I Get Started in the Community Groups? Kristi – Trailblazer since 2012 Trailblazer Community Groups: Pittsburgh Non-Profit (co-leader & co-founder), Women in Tech (co-leader), READ MORE

Change Set Trials

I’ve spent this past weekend in change set hell. I have 4 change sets that have to be deployed, with each one dependent on the next. Everything is documented in a super detailed deploy book but still the first one, the easy one failed. And then failed again. And again. Change sets are definitely one READ MORE

Variable Flow

I recently led a user group meeting about Flows and someone asked what the difference is between variables, collection variables, sObject variables, and sObject collection variables. It  can certainly be a little bit confusing and its even more confusing to know when to use each type. I certainly don’t get it right the first time READ MORE


All of us at the Accidental Admins realized that we had been hit with life at about the same time. Since I got sick back in April, I have been struggling to get back to my base line. I’ve had more “mito crashes” which means I have to figure out how to adjust my life READ MORE