Accidentally Crossing the Divide: Dan Prokop

A lot of time is spent trying to figure out the way to solve the sales versus marketing divide – it’s a big ol’ problem in many organizations (here’s one of the best infographics on it, GOT-style).  Salesforce, though, is a place where the two can come together, learn a lot from each other’s data, READ MORE

Dreaming of Dreamforce from Afar

Ahhh, Dreamforce.  It’s such a marvelous affair!  From the content, to the events, to the mere spectacle of seeing folks who love Salesforce just as much as you do walking around San Fran with their killer backpacks and cloud-print name badges, there’s simply nothing like it on the planet. But, not every user can make READ MORE

Preparing for the Big Show

Have you seen Melissa McCarthy’s cringe-worthy portrayal of glossophobia (the fear of public speaking)?  She sweats it up and passes right on out as she prepares to give a speech on a topic she’s truly passionate about, archaeology.  The scene is so tough to watch that I, too, started sweating just watching it. So, how READ MORE

An Open Letter to the Salesforce Ohana

Dear Ohana, This is an open letter to you. It’s a love letter, actually, which might make things a bit intimately awkward since I’m sharing it with the world…but you deserve for everyone to know just how amazingly perfect I think you are. You’re always there when I have questions, and boy, do I have READ MORE