GiveCamp 2020

  GiveCamp is one of my favorite weekends of the year.  With teams focusing on App Dev, Websites, and Salesforce – our team brings together non-profits from across Western Pennsylvania and pairs them with dozens of Salesforce professionals in our region to complete Salesforce projects that better enable them to meet their mission.  Up until READ MORE

Pittsburgh GiveCamp 2019

Pittsburgh GiveCamp is back!  Going strong since 2010, Pittsburgh Givecamp is part of the larger movement, where volunteers from across all IT disciplines join forces to complete projects for local nonprofit organizations. Register Here I’ve had the privilege of being involved with Pittsburgh GiveCamp since 2016 and am really excited for the 2019 event.  READ MORE

Power in Groups

  I can say this as an absolute – I would have significantly less joy in my life without Trailblazer Community Groups. In 2015, I had been trying to break into the Salesforce world for about 8 months with no success when I attended an event with a non-profit Account Executive that was visiting Pittsburgh. As READ MORE

6 Bright Spots of Permageddon

956UTC May 17,2019 – a date & time that will go down in Salesforce infamy. I don’t want to be presumptive and say that 956UTC is a larger outage than NA14, but having witnessed both, I can say I do not recall NA14 getting a super dark (and cool) codename like Permageddon. From an Admin, READ MORE

The Power of a Network

We regularly hear discussions about networking and its importance in the professional world; I think this can be especially true in the Ohana where people are so willing to connect, support, and grow together.  Even with so many amazing people in our ecosystem, unfortunately many still think of networking as ‘a what can I get READ MORE

Custom Permissions: Stop Hardcoding User Attributes!

Hardcoding (directly writing a value or attribute into code, formulas, validation rules, automation, etc) comes in several forms and while many have covered avoiding hardcoding IDs (my favorite being this post by Jen Lee), I’ve seen very little written regarding the hardcoding of Profile and User parameters. Hardcoding values like $Profile.Name, ‘$User.Department’, $ and others, READ MORE

Lightning Layout Tricks: Quick Action Hack

Quick Actions are a powerful tool that allow users to quickly create records with the click of a button, prefilling values from the current record.  However, in some instances, the object you wish to create does not appear in the ‘Target Object’ menu. In the example here, I want to create a new ‘Dependency’ record READ MORE