Lightning Layout Tricks: Quick Action Hack

Quick Actions are a powerful tool that allow users to quickly create records with the click of a button, prefilling values from the current record.  However, in some instances, the object you wish to create does not appear in the ‘Target Object’ menu. In the example here, I want to create a new ‘Dependency’ record READ MORE

2019 Haiku Contest Winners!

Once again we were thrilled to see so many join the Haiku & Salesforce fun, thanks for participating and helping us to celebrate NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month). This years contest inspired lots of fun & creative responses; including an unexpected discussion of what entails proper haiku form (looking at you Rachel). Thanks again and now….onto READ MORE

Next Step History

The Next Steps field on Opportunities is one of the more popular fields amongst Sales Leadership. It provides a quick description of what is up next for each deal in the pipeline but a major limitation is that updating the field overwrites the previous value. While you could use field history tracking to track changes, READ MORE

NaHaiWriMo Salesforce Haiku Contest!

February is NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month) which means it is time for the Accidental Admins’ 2nd Annual Salesforce Haiku writing contest! The Accidental Admin crew really enjoys using the haiku Last year’s response showed Our Ohana really does too So Contest is back We accept entries Until the end of the month when judging READ MORE

Lightning Layout Tricks: Accordion Love

Oh the poor, misunderstood accordion component. Everyday, millions of users embrace his older brother Tabs, creating thousands of dynamic Lightning pages with him front & center.  They click his nice index bars, love having everything separated and could not imagine having a page without Tabs on there at least once. Since Spring ’18, the Accordion READ MORE


This week is the 1st Anniversary of the Accidental Admins site and this marks our 100th post, so I thought it would be a good time to do some reflection. I was in NYC today for a client strategy meeting to set goals for 2019, attend the NYC User Group Meeting, and participate in tomorrow’s READ MORE

5 Tips for Every Deployment

After a kickoff call for a new project the other day, I asked the person working with me to go ahead and set up the Deployment Dictionary. ‘Deployment Dictionary?’ was the response.  Me: ‘Yeah, you know, a deployment dictionary?’ Co-Worker: ‘Uhm, nope, whats that?’ The same week I had another conversation with a community member regarding READ MORE

Remote Meeting Hack

Given the choice, I always prefer to hold requirement gathering sessions, trainings, etc in person. However sometimes schedules, deadlines, and travel don’t always come together and you are forced to hold those sessions remotely. In the absence of a high end video conferencing system with multiple wall-mounted cameras that change views or follow the speaker READ MORE

Lightning Layout Tricks: User Toggles for Detail Fields

Over the last year I’ve been toying with Lightning Page designer & components to identify ways to deliver some creative end user experiences.   I previously shared how to use Conditional Record Detail Components, create Record Detail Tabs, and use Page Layouts for Mobile/Classic/Create; this latest post is a continuation of the series.  I follow Jen Lee’s blog pretty closely READ MORE