5 Tips to Level Up Your Validation Rules

Validation rules are an extremely powerful tool to improve data quality and enforce business rules.  Validation rules verify that data entered in a record meets the criteria you specify before the record can be saved. With great power comes great responsibility, however.  Even in small doses, poorly executed validation rules can include side effects such READ MORE

Stop Worrying and Love Flows…

Now then, Dmitri, you know how we’ve always talked about the possibility of something going wrong with the Bomb… The *Bomb*, Dmitri… The *hydrogen* bomb!… One of my favorite movies is Dr. Strangelove. While this fantastic cold war movie may not appeal to all audiences, it is a crazy satire of the ridiculous threat of READ MORE

Filter by Current User in Salesforce

Many admins would like to create reports and list views that filter automatically for the current user or a manager’s direct reports.  Without knowing another method, I have seen users create one report per user, per manager, etc. to satisfy this business requirement. This seems like it really should be a standard feature in Salesforce, READ MORE

Going with the Flow

First I conquered the workflow. That was relatively simple. ‘If this happens, do this’. But they can be kind of limited. You start on a record and you end on that same record. You can only update fields, send emails, send outbound messages or create a task. There wasn’t a whole lot of satisfaction in READ MORE

Updating Contacts through Email Sends

This was an interesting problem I came upon in the answer community – a user was attempting to update a contact after sending an email but was not having any success.  Through a few iterations, we found that when using Enhanced Email, while an EmailMessage record and Task record are created, a workflow or process READ MORE

The Everyday Function: Good Grammar, My Mother, & Aunt Sally

Formulas in Salesforce are an awesome admin tool but can sometimes be difficult to understand.  This blog series, ‘The Everyday Function’ by Tom Hoffman, brings Salesforce formulas down from the cloud and into everyday life. ”The Everyday Function’ will first be published as part of Spark.Insights at https://www.sparkorange.net/insights/  The Everyday Function: Good grammar, My Mom, and Aunt READ MORE