Our Favorite Things this Week: 3/9/2018

1. Simon’s Career Tips As Accidentals, we all embrace being adaptable, just like Salesforce’s Chief Marketing Officer, Simon Mulcahy. This week, the Salesforce blog featured some of his “little career tips that make a BIG impact” – and if these aren’t just the perfect way to describe how Accidentals have blazed their trails, I don’t READ MORE

Our Favorite Things this Week: 3/2/2018

1. SalesforceOhana Slack Channel I am always looking for ways to procrastinate and this SalesforceOhana Slack channel is definitely my new favorite! I know I’m late to the game, but you’ll find some of the best and brightest in the Salesforce community hanging out in here. You’ll also find that my absentmindedness extends beyond bad READ MORE

Our Favorite Things this Week: 02/23/18

1. Our New Look Ok…in hindsight our first attempt at a logo and branding for the Accidentals probably strayed too far from a Salesforce homage and ended up closer to infringement. We’ll own that one. The great thing is, the Salesforce Admins @salesforceadmns feedback gave us chance to think about our message and craft something that fits who we READ MORE

Our Favorite Things this Week: 2/9/18

1. Sandbox Cloning The Clones are Coming! The Clones are Coming!  Starting next week we should finally have the ability to clone Sandboxes.  This means we can copy a sandbox to a new sandbox, including all data, metadata, settings, etc. 2. The Recycling Bin Component on App Exchange One of the main reasons we all READ MORE