Deployment Haiku

If you have ever done a few Salesforce deployments, you certainly have experienced some of the pains involved.  With February being NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month), I decided to express those frustrations appropriately.
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deployment weekend

developer on vakay

you serious clark?

Pescado Misterio

Chasque despliegue

esperanze y reza

bien, pero porque?

Stages of Change

sweet success, love it

get email, ready to rock

wait thirty minutes

Arcot Ramathorn

Building a Change Set

Why every object at once

shit i missed a one

Sharing is…

Common username

Thirteen failures to deploy

Awesome. They all know.

Good luck out there & may all your deployments validate on the first time!


  1. Seema Dhingra says:

    Below are two issues which I faced.

    1. Test class was failed during validation. I did changes in the class and clone change set and again and again validating it and getting same error. Not able to analyze what was the error. Then thought of to check test class code and it was same as old. We have to copy components again if we made some changes in it rather then cloning it. It resolved my issue and I felt happy after deployment.

    2. Approval process and field updates both have to add in change set separately.

  2. Kalyani says:

    The cloud carrying components to another environment takes time,
    This recently uploaded change set is unavailable, it may take 30 min time. 🙂

  3. Amnon Kruvi says:

    Don’t worry if you don’t understand this one 😉

    Orang deploys flow
    YOU FOOL, never trust orang
    Meme Man ANGERY!

  4. Rahul Gupta says:

    Everytime you deploy flow nd process builder it goes in inactive mode.

    If you deploy bulk of fields without including any profile all the fls is blank

  5. Aditya pothukuchi says:

    Just now deployed a change set to production. One fault test class messup everything and after deployment faced issue with data and a apex trigger in prod. Ooofffffff finally worked on it and fixed. Now going to bed peacefully ☺️

  6. Steven Nsubuga says:

    Moving legacy apex code from 1 Salesforce instance to another. Deployment fails. Reason being 1 of the tests refers to a specific user, ie a hardcoded Username .

  7. James Ellis says:

    The child, green spectacled, plays dangerously in production
    Heebie-jeebies stop with a single shy reply
    Playfully fearful to reveal all the bad news at once

  8. Yad Jayanth says:

    salesforce, who are you?
    are you an identity?
    a community?

    then who aren’t you?
    touch? other forgetten things?
    what then, a cloud? wave?

    are you licenses?
    sales, service, or marketing?
    are you your users?

    you are our zeitgeist;
    you fight discrimination,
    educate freely

    you give back and grow –
    hospitals to non-profits,
    schools and charities

    like a ray of sun –
    the corporation that smiles.
    you are Ohana

  9. NarendraNath Kanadam says:

    Arise, Awake and Stop Not till the Trailhead Ranger Role is Reached. Like a Real Cloud Salesforce is on Top. I Love Trailhead and I Love Salesforce.

  10. Sainath vas says:

    Every deployment we have need to have a test coverage of 90 for the client that would be a irritating thing.

    At times after successfully deploying few things don’t work in production again we have to check nd tensed when it would be a high marked task and many more like this

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