Dreaming of Dreamforce from Afar

Ahhh, Dreamforce.  It’s such a marvelous affair!  From the content, to the events, to the mere spectacle of seeing folks who love Salesforce just as much as you do walking around San Fran with their killer backpacks and cloud-print name badges, there’s simply nothing like it on the planet.

But, not every user can make it to the big show, so what’s a Trailblazer to do if they’re stuck at home or in the office during Dreamforce?  Here are my three favorite ways to catch up on the real-real (and I recommend a mix of all three):

  1. Technology, my friends!  You can tune in IRT to the keynotes, product keynotes, and Dreampitch via this link: https://www.salesforce.com/dreamforce/ every day from September 25-28, 2018.
  2. A little more technology, a little bit more content:  If you’re ready to dig even deeper, you absolutely should subscribe to the Dreamforce YouTube channel for live and recorded sessions.
  3. Global Gatherings: My favorite of all options – getting together with your local friends and peers to cover the biggest news from Dreamforce!  Find your local group here.

The magic can be enjoyed from wherever you are, so capture it and live the dream!

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