Our Favorite Things this Week: 4/13/2018

1.  Salesforce Indy 500 Car

I grew up going to Dover Downs a few times a year to watch the IRL & NASCAR races.  On Memorial Day Weekend, we’d often go camping but my dad, brother, and I would keep the radio on to catch the Indy 500 & Coca-Cola 600.  I grew up in a small town in Delaware, I’m pretty sure my family has no idea what my job is, but on Memorial Day Weekend I’ll be able to say, ‘Hey, check out the #66 car, that’s what I do!’

The personal aside, Salesforce is making a big investment in Indianapolis, committing to training 500 locals for Salesforce positions by 2020, building the new Salesforce Tower in downtown Indy, and giving a $500,000 grant to Indianapolis Public Schools.  It is an impressive example of a corporation doing right by the local community.

2.  Summer 18′ Preview – Process Builder Error Emails

FINALLY!  Not being able to configure who receives process builder error messages has been a pain point at the top of all admin & consultants lists since Process Builder has been introduced.

Rebuilding Process Flows just to get an error email was never a fun workaround.

However, with Summer ’18 it appears like we are finally getting this option – shoutout to Rakesh Gupta for spreading the good news!

3. Serendipity

Last week I wrote about fortuitous meetings when I bumped into Alex Sutherland & Ann Weeby as I was leaving World Tour DC.  I think we are going to do something pretty great this fall in large part because of this chance encounter.

Well, Marc Benioff raised that by 100 this week..

Salesforce is working on a blockchain product

While he was at the World Economic Forum and hosting a Salesforce event, a cryptocurrency event was happening at the same hotel.  Speaking with a few attendees from the crypto conference led Benioff to making this major announcement; Salesforce wants to reveal a blockchain & cryptocurrency offering by Dreamforce 2018.

We don’t even know what shape or form this will take, but having a global giant like Salesforce making a play in this arena will certainly bring some needed stability and legitimacy to blockchain.

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