Insufficient Privileges when Deleting a Record Type

You are doing some cleanup in your org and decide to remove an unused record type.  You click deactivate or delete and you get this screen…

Ok, no problem, lets click on the profiles one by one, change the default record type and remove it from being assigned to each profile.

That would normally due the trick, however, when you click a profile like ‘External Who,’ even though you are the System Admin, you get the dreaded ‘Insufficient Privileges’ error.

It’s frustrating, but luckily there is an easy fix available.


A simple url trick will take you to the page you need to remove the record type in question:

  1. Replace instanceserver with NA34 or whatever your specific server name is on.
  2. From the ‘insufficient rights’ error screen, grab the Profile ID and put it where ‘profileID‘ is in the string above
  3. Replace the ‘ObjectName’ in the string above with the object name where this record type is located (ex: Opportunity), ending up with a url like this:
  4. Copy & paste this string into your browser, you’ll end up at this screen where you can edit the record type settings, and then you should be good to go!



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