Lightning Layout Tricks: User Toggles for Detail Fields

I follow Jen Lee’s blog pretty closely (you should too!) and saw this on using the new toggle feature w/ Screen Flows.  It’s really cool (so is her new slider post too), but upon reading it I immediately knew I missed an obvious use case for my Related Record Component based Demo Controller.  Really, this is the better use case, I just had tunnel vision as I prepared for my presentation.

Use Case:

At Universal Containers, the Sales team only occasionally needs to see fields related to co-workers who service the account, sales totals, and accounting information.

They ask the UC Admin team if they can remove those fields from the everyday page layout and instead have a toggle for each section.

Build Requirements: For each set of fields you want to create a toggle for, create a quick action and assign those fields to the page layout.  Create one checkbox field for each quick action and assign those checkboxes to another quick action.  Add all of the quick actions to related record components on the page, with the ‘Toggle’ component set to always appear, and all the others conditional upon the designated checkbox being ‘true.’

See below for quick overview of the build

On the default page, you only see the toggle component, ‘View Additional Details.’

Once clicked, users see the additional details:

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