Login to Salesforce Mobile (Salesforce1) as Another User

The Use Case

A pain for many admins is the inability to test and see what other users experience when using the Salesforce mobile application (previously known as Salesforce1).  Several Trailblazers have asked about this functionality in the community and the answer has always been ‘this feature is not available’ or encourages the use of a mobile emulator but I recently stumbled upon a workaround that offers this functionality with minimal effort.

There is also an open idea for this feature that has over 5000 points and is under product team review – before we continue on to the workaround, take a moment to upvote the idea to help get this feature delivered faster.SF Idea: https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000l6Y6AAI

The Workaround

If you are a lightning user, the first step is to login to Salesforce on your desktop and switch to Classic View, then logout.  If you are a classic user, you can skip to the next step.

Go to your mobile browser and login to Salesforce.  If you are a Salesforce Mobile user and are redirected to the Salesforce app upon login, select the ‘go to full site’ option from the menu so that you are viewing Salesforce Classic in your mobile browser.

Go to Setup > Users and click login next to the user you would like to experience the Salesforce mobile experience as, if they are a Lightning user, Salesforce1 will load as a browser app.  If they are a classic user, Salesforce classic will load, but there is an easy fix for this: delete home/home.jsp from the end of the landing page URL and replace it with one/one.app – Salesforce1 will then load as a browser app even for Classic users.


There you go – you can now login as your users in the Salesforce app!


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