NaHaiWriMo Haiku Contest Winners!

We were thrilled to see so many join the Haiku & Salesforce fun, as we had over 80 entries in our February Haiku contest to celebrate NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month).

This contest has been very entertaining for us and we look forward to doing it again next year!

And now…your winners.

1st Place – Winner of a Trailblazer Hoodie – John Thompson @latentfuss

The only entry to be awarded votes by 4 of the 5 Accidental Admins, John’s haiku made us all laugh out loud.  Solid work sir, we’ll be in touch to find out where to deliver your hoodie.

A baby seal dies

when multi-select picklists

are used said Steve Mo

We had several great entries, including an impressive 5 from

2nd-5th Place & Honorable Mentions

2ND Place: Yad Jayanth, T-Shirt Winner

This long-form haiku from @YadCloud had the most 1st place votes & was tied for the win heading into our final voter. Congrats Yad!

"salesforce, who are you?
are you an identity?
a community?

then who aren't you?
touch? other forgetten things?
what then, a cloud? wave?

are you licenses?
sales, service, or marketing?
are you your users?

you are our zeitgeist;
you fight discrimination,
educate freely

you give back and grow -
hospitals to non-profits,
schools and charities

like a ray of sun -
the corporation that smiles.
you are Ohana"
3rd Place: Cassie Supilowski @csupilow

Apparently the Accidental team hates vague error message emails from Process Builder.

"Oh, Process Builder
With error emails so vague
My death you will be"
4th Place: Pat Solum @sodakforce

We'll dedicate this effort to Timothy Treadwell aka Grizzly Man.

"Caution trailblazers!
Codey is awesome, friendly
Real bears not so much"
5th Place: Gemma Emmet, @gemziebeth

This one really connected with one of the Admins, gaining a first place vote.

"a deep gloom is nigh
Nonsense is the Apex class
Your admin doth sigh"
Honorable Mention: Pat Solum, @Sodakforce

Plus experience equals
Your trailblazer street cred"
Honorable Mention: Meg McLees, @MegMcLees

How I Became an Admin:

Boss tells me 'Do this.'
Check out Trailhead for answers.
Now I just do this."
Honorable Mention: Barrie Robertson, @ittookten

"Part innovator,
part problem solver, all heart
an #AwesomeAdmin"
Honorable Mention: Yad Jayanth @yadcloud

"intern deploys code
'I tested - it works just great!'
then everything breaks"
Honorable Mention: Benjamin Bolopue, @sfdcgeek

"Sandboxes are safe
In playgrounds is where we learn
Don't do shit in prod"
Honorable Mention:Barrie Robertson, @ittookten

"Be you an Admin
Or Salesforce Developer
All are Ohana!"
Honorable Mention: Amy Oplinger, @salesforceamy

"reading release notes
so far behind they do seem
to pair well with wine"
Honorable Mention: Barrie Robertson, @ittookten

"Leader who leaves a
path for others to follow
That's a Trailblazer"
Honorable Mention: Yancy Whitaker @RangerYancy

"Admin two o one
Really want to get my first
Honorable Mention: Yad Jayanth @yadcloud

"what did the callout
ask the failing test method?
""Are you mocking me?"""
Honorable Mention: Yad Jayanth @yadcloud

"i loved using ant
used it for all my deploys
..until PETA called"
Honorable Mention: Yad Jayanth @yadcloud

"Salesforce, oh Salesforce
how, oh how do i love thee?
let me count with Wave"


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