Next Step History

The Next Steps field on Opportunities is one of the more popular fields amongst Sales Leadership. It provides a quick description of what is up next for each deal in the pipeline but a major limitation is that updating the field overwrites the previous value.

While you could use field history tracking to track changes, there is no easy way to see those updates in aggregate.

I’ve found the following build to so popular across a number of projects, that I include it in almost every project I work on these days.

Next Step History


  • Create a custom long text field called ‘Next Step History’
  • Create a Process Builder with the criteria ‘Next Step is changed boolean True’
  • Field Update: Set Next Step History using a formula
  • Add ‘Next Step History’ field to page layout and mark as read only

Step 1: Create Long Text Field

Step 2: Create a Process Builder with the following formula for criteria:

AND(ISNEW(), NOT(ISBLANK([Opportunity].NextStep))),

This will update the field whenever Next Step is first populated or changed.

Step 3: Field Update – Next Step History equals the following formula

$User.FirstName&’ ‘&$User.LastName&’ – ‘&Text(Today())&’:’&[Opportunity].NextStep&’ | ‘&[Opportunity].Next_Step_History__c

Step 4: Add ‘Next Step History’ field to page layout and mark as read only

Now that your build is complete, when users edit the Next Step field, your Next Step History field populates with the User, Date, and Next Step.


  1. Derek says:

    Having an issue with step 3. I am getting a syntax error but I cut and pasted all the importance aspects to match. Any changes to these?

  2. Cooper says:

    Hello! If Iwanted the next step and next step history without the user name and timestamp, how would that be written? I am getting syntax errors with this

    $[Opportunity].NextStep&’ | ‘&[Opportunity].Next_Step_History__c

  3. Scott says:

    Would this work through the mobile app? We have an action button to Add Next Step, wondering if we can keep that and make use of the history and timestamps… hmmmm…..

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