This week is the 1st Anniversary of the Accidental Admins site and this marks our 100th post, so I thought it would be a good time to do some reflection.

I was in NYC today for a client strategy meeting to set goals for 2019, attend the NYC User Group Meeting, and participate in tomorrow’s World Tour.  I walked into my client’s office at One Penn Plaza and led a session for two hours with the Empire State Building over my shoulder.

I caught up later with a friend of mine, who grew up a mile from me in our tiny little town in Delaware, and of course thought back to where it all started. I was biracial kid born in trailer park in rural Delaware with parents that relied on WIC, reduced lunches, and other benefits to make things work.

As I mentioned in Failblazer, it has been a wild ride, one in which the dreams & expectations of others have played a large role. I couldn’t help but smile as I worked the room and thought about standing here today from where I was just a few years ago.

Failblazer was a story I needed to share to be ok with me and the Accidental Admins was born out of that same desire to bring our whole selves to the work we do in the Salesforce space.  The five of us never saw business and technology as part of our futures and yet we all ended up here; five Accidental Admins that thought our views, stories, and tips might help someone else like us.

A year, 100 posts, 1200+ followers, 15000+ visitors, and 20000+ site views later I want to thank everyone for embracing us and our stories. Thank you for making us a part of your Ohana and we look forward to being a part of it for many years to come.



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