Our Favorite Things this Week: 02/23/18

1. Our New Look

Ok…in hindsight our first attempt at a logo and branding for the Accidentals probably strayed too far from a Salesforce homage and ended up closer to infringement. We’ll own that one.

The great thing is, the Salesforce Admins @salesforceadmns feedback gave us chance to think about our message and craft something that fits who we are, where we live (Pittsburgh), and highlight our theme of blazing new trails to find our way. The result is below.

Special shoutout to Rachel Mincarelli @Rachel_minc for helping us get right!

2. Equality

It’s reaching the end of Black History Month and if you haven’t been paying attention, @BoldForce has been providing some amazing twitter and blog content this month.  Our favorite is the Voices of the Civil Rights Movement tweets & blog, though one addition that only hardcore baseball fans know: Moses Fleetwood Walker was the first Black Major League Baseball Player, joining the Syracuse Stars in 1889.

Tony Prophet @tony_prophet shared some great images from the Equality March in Hyderabad, India – check out the post and his feed, his selfie game is strong.

Looking ahead to Rare Disease Day on 2/28, Kristi shared her personal journey and how Salesforce & AbilityForce have played a transformative role in her life.

As diverse as the Salesforce Ohana is, I can’t help but think Latinos are underrepresented some based on personal, anecdotal evidence. Along that note, I’m really looking for exciting things to come form LatinoForce.

Random aside, I remember my grandfather asking me what the internet was back around 1998; he wanted to know ‘what it does.’  The only example I could think to show him was searching for and playing a 20-second clip of a classic salsa song he liked, Hector Lavoe’s (El Cantante de Cantantes!) ‘Mi Gente.’

Amazingly enough, the lyrics quickly translated/summarized say, ‘My people, you are the greatest in the world, you give me so much pride.  You say I’m special, but I’m just one of you, come sing, dance, and enjoy all this with me.’  Hoping more Latinos continue to embrace technology and come enjoy all of this with me.

3. The Cloud Toolkit

Kristi & I were leading a user group meeting yesterday and I went over the Cloud Toolkit (www.cloudtoolkit.co) as part of our President’s Day themed event ‘Be the Commander in Chief of Your Org.’  I’ve really taken some of these tools for granted, but in presenting them to the group, I realized the simply brilliance behind all of these.

No installations needed, easy to use, and super powerful – this is an amazing collection of free resources that Ben Edwards (@benedwards44) created and should be in every admins toolbox.


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