Our Favorite Things this Week: 3/2/2018

1. SalesforceOhana Slack Channel

I am always looking for ways to procrastinate and this SalesforceOhana Slack channel is definitely my new favorite!

I know I’m late to the game, but you’ll find some of the best and brightest in the Salesforce community hanging out in here.

You’ll also find that my absentmindedness extends beyond bad grammar & screwing up tweets.  Feel free to drop a direct message if you ever need a hand in getting further confused with something.


Invite Link is below: https://join.slack.com/t/salesforceohana/shared_invite/MjE1NTE5MjQxNjM2LTE1MDA1NjU0NzUtYTY3NjM2NGM4Zg


2. Philanthropy Cloud

I started my career at the United Way of Delaware & later Kristi & I both played significant roles on a Salesforce Partner Innovation Award winning Community project with a United Way that led to both of us working with several additional chapters.

That is just part of the reason we are so excited about the new Philanthropy Cloud.  As dedicated non-profit supporters, we know the impact this can have on increasing giving and allow donors to maintain portability as they change employers.  This is a big drawback and struggle for donors, United Ways, and agencies in the current United Way campaign format.

Also, we are pretty sure our project helped get some ideas rolling that led to this…we think, maybe.

3. Ian Gotts, Founder & CEO, Elements.Cloud

Ian joined our user group in January to deliver his fantastic talk on process mapping with Elements.Cloud, a company he founded and leads today.  He was funny, engaging (even via video chat), and providing the group many great insights with no sales pitch.

Like when you buy a car and then you start seeing the same model everywhere, since meeting Ian, I have realized just how much he does in the Salesforce community!  User Group Leader, a leading voice on GDPR’s implication for Salesforce orgs, Top #200 Salesforce influencer, podcaster, blogger, Dreamforce speaker, all while working crazy hours to run a successful company & keep up with European & West Coast meetings.  He is going to speak at a Salesforce Saturday event in Minnesota soon…I assume after he solves world hunger and poverty on Friday afternoon.

Seriously though, kudos to you sir, and thanks for taking time to spend with our group and everything you do.  Yes seems to be your favorite word and the Ohana is better for it.


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