Our Favorite Things this Week: 5/11/2018

Summer ’18 Release in a Box

‘In a Box’ has been a gift to User Group Leaders for the last few years – the Salesforce team puts together great content for us to deliver to our user groups, greatly reducing some of the burden of planning meaningful monthly events for our groups.

I am thrilled to see this latest ‘In a Box’ getting a community wide release because its a good.  With 83 slides covering the best features + 55 videos demonstrating the new functionality, this kit takes the pain out of digging through 500 pages of notes to find the most relevant information.

Download the kit here: https://admin.salesforce.com/releaseinabox

Automation Hour

An all-star team of 3 MVPs (Rakesh Gupta, Jen Lee, and David Litton) run this community site that organizes regular webinars with guest hosts made up of other Salesforce community all-stars.

With an upcoming schedule packed through November & a backlog of 40 videos on their youtube channel, Automation Hour is a tremendous resource for the community.

Register for Upcoming Events here: https://automationhour.com/upcoming-webinars/

Check the YouTube channel for past content here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt4EKQTEwYubPF3-LxW2Bfg/videos

Recent Highlights:

  • Salesforce MVP Cheryl Feldman on Custom Metadata Types
  • Salesforce MVP Leyna Hoffer presenting her award-winning solution for capturing Opportunity history
  • Salesforce MVP Doug Ayers demonstrating use cases for the admin super tool, Mass Action Scheduler

Screaming Eagle of Soul

You’ll have to indulge me for this last one, I’ll try to tie it back to Salesforce…maybe.

In 2011 a friend turned me onto Charles Bradley – I listened to his debut album ‘No Time for Dreaming’ on loop for months.  He’s not the best singer, The New Yorker best described his style with ‘He lands on each note squarely, like a person slowly and deliberately climbing a staircase. There’s the melody, which is delivered with precision, and then there are his shrieks, which are often so guttural as to feel unreal, animalistic.’

However in each note you can hear all the pain, struggle, triumph and love of his life and seeing him in person was to watch a man pour all of that into his performance with 100% authenticity.  What has really stuck with me over the years was how, after a show, he would come down to the rail, embrace and greet anyone who was willing to wait.  When I met him, he gave me a sweaty hug and said with familial sincerity, ‘I love you.’

After a hard life, he finally found success in the twilight of his years, passing last September after a second bout with cancer.

This week has been a trying week in a lot of ways, luckily a friend posted this video and reminded me of his brilliance.  I’ve been working through a tough week and I’ve had Charles Bradley on loop again, its definitely been the bright spot of the last few days.  Give this one a listen and then the next few too, it’s worth it.

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