Our Favorite Things This Week: 5/25/2018

Salesforce Tower is Officially Open for Business

This week we saw the ribbon cutting for Salesforce Tower in San Francisco. In a fashion fit for Salesforce it is said to have a relaxed vibe and an abundance of eco-friendly building materials. We’re excited to see the new tallest building in San Francisco, one of 3 Salesforce buildings on that block. Rumor has it the best places to take in the video displays on the top of the 61 story building Marina, Treasure Island, and the Oakland waterfront. Super excited to see the tower in September at Dreamforce.

Ohana Floor

The named Salesforce Towers have a special feature. The top floor, the one usually reserved for the big wigs, is going to be saved for non-profits in all the Salesforce Towers around the world. It will be event space that during the day can be used for meetings and in the evening community groups can use the space to host events. Some of the best views in the city will be offered to non-profits, community groups, religious groups, and schools. We love our Salesforce Ohana and that its being incorporated into the design of all of the Salesforce Towers. What a great offering that our community groups wouldn’t be able to access in a lot of cases.

Marc Benioff’s Commitment to Improving the Community

With the ribbon cutting this week, Benioff announced that Salesforce.org would make a 1.5 million dollar donation to San Francisco non profit Heading Home Initiative. He and his wife will be matching that donation as part of Benioff’s efforts to end homelessness, particularly homelessness among school children. Salesforce is one of the corporate leaders in donating profits, sweat equity, and products back to the community.


  1. William H Watson says:

    I have been photographing the SF skyline for a number of years from Treasure Island, and in recent years, captured the emergence of cranes and construction and the Sale Force Tower gradually overtaking the height of the iconic Pyramid building. It was more or less in place by December of ’17. The display adds a new dimension to the already beautiful skyline and suggests taking a video of the skyline that would also include the changing displays on the Bay Bridge. As a local, I’m disappointed I will not be able to tour the building, but I suppose the logistics of that in a popular tourist city would be overwhelming. Welcome Sales Force Tower. If you visit the city, enjoy the impossibility of find a parking spot. anywhere near it.

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