Our Favorite Things this Week: 5/4/2018

I woke up this morning with a headache, a 3 year old sitting on my back saying ‘I wanna watch garbage trucks on ewetube’ repeatedly, and as I reach for my phone to check the time, I see a message from my wife (she leaves early) that says ‘hey, call me, its important.’

I call my wife, who works at a hospital and is typically in rounds at this time of day, and she takes a moment to deliver this important message, ‘May the 4th be with you.’  Yeah, there is definitely some kind of force working against me today.

I’ve decided the only way to get this day back on track is to give into the dark side, that is the 20-ounce cup of dark roast I brewed more like octuple espresso.  Thanks for entertaining my ramblings…now here is the latest edition of ‘Our Favorite Things this Week.’

Build a Battle Station App

I realize I was just bemoaning the May the 4th stuff, but had my wife said, ‘May the 4th be with you, I’ve left a ‘construct your own Death Star’ omelet kit in the kitchen for breakfast’ I’d have been a little more receptive.

Salesforce comes through to celebrate one of the most meme-inducing faux-holidays there is (looking at you Pi Day) with the Build a Battle Station App.

It’s not a fast one, weighing in at a 2.5 hours, but seriously, check out that badge, definitely one of the cooler ones you can have on your profile.  Learn or learn not, there is no try. https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/projects/workshop-battle-station


I met Mr. Kenny Barry in the Summer of ’16, at the start of the longest sales cycle of my life (8 months) to win his employer’s business.  That was the first ‘big project’ where I was assigned as the lead, designing the solution and heading up the consulting team.

I was more scared than excited though, it was a high profile project that had the attention of key city officials, and I remember telling my wife, ‘well, this is either going to end really well or set me back a year in my career.’  Lucky for me, Kenny was the newly minted Salesforce Admin at the company.

We signed a contract in February 2017 and a few weeks later with no hands on experience with Salesforce, Kenny had earned his ADM201 (and had 3 more certifications by Feb. ’18).  He was  excited  to learn, asked great questions, and challenged me on particular solutions and designs throughout the project, keeping me on my toes.

His ability to pick up knowledge quickly and ‘get’ Salesforce helped with our dozen requirements sessions, sprint reviews, UAT, user training, and played a significant role in our project having a successful launch.  Over the last 8 months, he’s really driven the adoption of the platform at his previous employer & now leaves them in a position to succeed as he makes the next step in his Salesforce career.

Kenny recently accepted a new position as a Salesforce Consultant with CGI (where fellow AA Kristi works as well) and we are all really excited for his new career and proud to know that we’ll be able to say ‘we knew him when…’ Congrats good sir!

Ohana Slack Pt.2

Yes, I know, I gave a shout to the Ohana Slack board weeks ago, but it really is worth a second mention.  I was reading messages and chatting with some people this week and I took a minute to scroll through several of the channels.

MVPs, Golden Hoodie awardees, leaders of the biggest community events (like this weeks PhillyForce), User Group Leaders, Salesforce Saturday leaders, Mentors, VetForce coaches; literally the best of the best discussing the platform we love and helping each other on a daily basis.

It reminds me of this scene from Top Gun:

What are you waiting for? Click the link to join.


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