Our Favorite Things This Week: 8/31/2018 – Dreamforce Addition

It’s been a little while since we’ve put out our favorites but we’re bringing it back just in time for Dreamforce. And with Dreamforce in mind, we’re going to spend the next few weeks sharing which apps we are hoping to see a demo of when we hit the floors of the Cloud Expo.

My calendar is already filling up with meetings to see new apps and check out the latest feature releases on some old favorites. So here are my top three:

Advanced Communities

I am quite excited to meet up with my new friend Stas from Advanced Communities about their community components. We have been using their ideas component and blog component in a community. They rock. I am excited to check out some of their other components and see what else they have coming. If you have a community, you should definitely stop and chat with the folks from Advanced Communities.


I love GridBuddy. Its an awesome tool to up your productivity with Salesforce. I can’t wait to see their latest features and get a demo of their product. GridBuddy let’s you see data as if it were on a spreadsheet but it is all within Salesforce and you can edit multiple records all at once or add multiple records or child records. Great way to get more done with fewer clicks.


GeoPointe announced that they are giving back with every badge scan they get. They will donate $1 to the American Red Cross. I used GeoPointe briefly at one point and I am excited to see what they’re latest updates are. There are so many uses for being able to plot addresses and other data on a map. Just thinking about the options gets me excited to see what they have available.

I’m also excited to make my way over to the .Org area to check out the apps over there. I am particularly interested in seeking out the event management apps to see what features everyone is offering this year.

Which apps are you most excited to see?



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