Our Salesforce Spaces

We’re all friends here right? That’s why we are inviting you into our Salesforce Spaces and hope you Share Your SalesForce Space too! #SYSFS

Tom – Computers & Piracy

No…not like that. I am a huge Pirates fan, so in addition to working on my recently purchased 35″ ultrawide & two MBPs (one for email/chatter, one for config!), my Salesforce Space has autographed photos of Jamison Taillon, Dave Parker, Josh Bell, Gregory Polanco, Andrew McCutchen, and Starling Marte.  My favorite office photo though is this shot a random stranger took of my son & I at PNC Park…she even stalked us a bit to get it to us.









Kenny – Canine to Five

Though I usually work on site, my favorite Salesforce space is at home with my four-legged Trailblazer, Louis.  Equipped with home-brewed french press coffee and dog bones, we’re quite the mammalian duo.  His occasional barks are also a great conversation starter for conference calls.  Once the day is complete, I’m usually ready to decompress with video games on this self-built PC rig.

Becky – Creature Comforts

With 3 screens and a window view, my Salesforce space is designed for speed, comfort & good health. Although I can’t completely get away from sticky notes (look at all that color!), Trello helps me work through project tasks whether I am here in my workspace, at home, or on the go. Astro watches over the action, making sure I am providing great service to my co-workers. I keep my Trailhead blanket handy because offices are too cold, even when Pittsburgh weather surprises us with 80 degree February days. I have a diffuser because I want to stay Codey-strong and avoid germs (that mom-of-four thing kicks in when the yucks abound). Aminos to keep me Lightning fast, or at least try to!

Kristy – World View 

My office has a strategically placed window for those moments of contemplation when trying to plot out the components of the next great flow. The sunlight is often shared by my trusty assistant who likes to nap between emails and calls. I have a large collection of skulls and masks from my travels. Like Tom, my space has one of my favorite pictures hanging on the wall. Dr Evan is stitching up the head of a young Nepalese patient following the 2015 earthquake. Having started the disaster relief program at a previous job, it reminds me what hard work can accomplish. Ask me about that story sometime, it really shows how small the world can be when people look out for each other.


Shannon – Sunshine on my Shoulder

I bought my house based on two elements: 100-year old never-painted coffered ceilings and a second floor 8-windowed sunroom that I was sure would be inspirational as an office.  My best business use-cases come as I stare out of my windows, watching the T (Pittsburgh’s light rail) roll by, and imagining what ways I can stretch our platform for user adoption.  Oh, and Mr. Wiggles has spent all of his 12 years at my feet.  I love him even more than I love Astro. 

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