Record Lock Validation

One of the most overlooked configurations I see in orgs is leaving records open to edits that should be locked.  For example, sales or support processes can drag on indefinitely if closed cases or opportunities remain editable.  Closed records should be closed.  Like Chick-fil-A-on-a-Sunday closed. Locking records does not need to be complicated.  You don’t need READ MORE

An Accidental Developer?

Words I never thought I’d write in an email to my boss – “I like coding a little more than I want to admit”. Those words were actually typed by the same hands typing this post in the days following my attendance at WITness Success back in July. Did I just become an Accidental Developer?!?!? READ MORE

Burnt Out

Some time in June I hit a wall… a major wall. It had been building for a while but I realized I was burnt out. Between work and my personal life I had a lot going on and I needed to step back and figure out how to make a few changes. So let’s back READ MORE

Anatomy of a Deployment Failure (pt. 3) – Production Changes and the Flight of The Icarus

 Deployment Failure (Pt. 3) Production Changes & The Flight of the Icarus Confession time: in the four or so years I’ve been working with Salesforce, I’ve never really ‘got’ Sandboxes and change sets. I suppose I’d tell a prospective employer that this demonstrates my ability to vision and action a modification without disrupting users. Then READ MORE