Lightning Layout Tricks: Live Demo Controller

Over the last year I’ve been toying with Lightning Page designer & components to identify ways to deliver some creative end user experiences.   I previously shared how to use Conditional Record Detail Components, create Record Detail Tabs, Use Page Layouts for Mobile/Classic/Create only, and this latest post is a continuation of the series.  Demo Controller Use READ MORE

Admin like a Consultant

It’s been six months since I made the leap from admin to consultant. Though I’ve been absent from the Accidental Admins, I haven’t forgotten my admin roots.  I often long for the days when I had a closer connection to my users, better familiarity with the business, and saw the longer-term impact of my changes. READ MORE

GiveCamp 2018

October has one of my favorite weekends of the year – PGH GiveCamp. Part of the larger movement, PGH GiveCamp is an annual event where people from around the city’s booming technology industry team with area non-profits to solve their creative and technical problems. GiveCamp is a marathon ran at a sprint pace. Starting READ MORE

Be a Multiplier

Think about how you got your start in Salesforce. I’m sure there was someone who had your back, encouraging you every step of the way. They were a Multiplier, willing to teach and reach others. For me, the Be A Multiplier concept has really taken a focus as I’m starting to look for a new job. I’d READ MORE

Alternate Endings

At Dreamforce, certifications are 50% off, so its a great time to study up & take an exam.  Taking advantage of this discount, Becky & I both attempted the Advanced Administrator Certification at Dreamforce, but with different outcomes.  We wanted to share our unique experiences and provide a view into our mindsets both before & READ MORE

Hello & Goodbye

In Summer 2015 I was the director of healthcare foundation and default Salesforce Admin for our organization, which led to me getting an invite to a Non-Profit event with AE Toby Quaranta.  I was sitting next to Kristi Dellinger and as the meeting progressed I asked if there was a group like the Google READ MORE

Dreamforce Resolutions

Coming back from Dreamforce is always rough.  For a week you get to live in a fantasy world where everyone is excited about their jobs and this platform as you are, you meet so many amazing people, go to great sessions, and of course the nightlife is top notch. Combine that with the break from the READ MORE