Pittsburgh GiveCamp 2017 (Video)

For the second year I’ve had the great pleasure of organizing Salesforce teams for PGH Givecamp.  Givecamp is a weekend ‘code-a-thon’ where area developers, designers, consultants and other volunteers work a 40-hour sprint to execute entire IT projects.

We start with discovery on Friday night at 5PM and the hardcore team members stay late and solution design, creating action plans for the team members to start on at 8AM.  We hit the keys bright and early Saturday, with a full-day build, this year ending after 11PM.  Sunday is more of the same, an all-day affair, but at the end of it all, local charities walk away with thousands of dollars of work at no cost and better able to help our communities.

This year we completed two projects, one for Veteran’s Breakfast Club and the other for JustHarvest.

Veterans Breakfast Club – veteransbreakfastclub.org

The mission of the Veterans Breakfast Club is to create communities of listening around veterans and their stories to ensure that this living history will never be forgotten. 

Honestly, this is one of the coolest organizations I’ve had the pleasure to work with; they gather veterans, both US and foreign, and have them tell their stories at events around the area.  With members from all branches and conflicts, they preserve the human side of the history books through rich storytelling, books, magazines, and podcasts.

Listen to the video above to find out more about the work we did! (39:00 Mark)

JustHarvest – justharvest.org

Just Harvest educates, empowers and mobilizes people to eliminate hunger, poverty, and economic injustice in our communities by influencing public policy, engaging in advocacy, and connecting people to public benefits.

JustHarvest addresses hunger in Allegheny County at its root – economic injustice – through a focus on public policy and community food access.  They work with local farmer’s markets and other partners to provide education and access to fresh, healthy foods for all families, including those enrolled in the State’s EBT program.

Listen to the video above to find out more about the work we did! (43:30 Mark)

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