How a Salesforce Admin is Just Like Petey Pablo

Yeah, sure, the song is almost two decades old, but as with anything produced by Timbaland, it HOLDS UP.  And, as a busy admin, whether flying solo or as part of a big old admin team, I bet you’re often singing to yourself:

C’mon and raise up!  This one’s for you, this one’s for who? Us! Us! Us!

And then likely asking yourself:

Who am I?

Okay, alright, perhaps it’s just me…but honestly: who are we as admins? And who is this all really for?  Evaluating your customer requests, from firefighting to enhancement and defect fixes, will ask you who it is that you really work for?  Is it the sales team?  The service team?  Management?  IT?

Well – that’s the thing!  Salesforce is, like Petey Pablo tells you, it’s for us.  All of us.  Our users, our management, our team who pays the bill, our account executives, our partners, and that puts us admins into such interesting and challenging learning experiences.  It gives us the ability to hear user stories that might otherwise have been totally out of the realm of our swimlanes – as admins, we understand inherently how and why sales forecasting is so important to the finance team, why marketing automation and lead scoring can actually help to cross the sales and marketing divide, how duplicate data could have a ripple effect on operational resource planning.

Sure, we’re busy, and sure, we have to consider an entire ecosystem both inside and outside of our Salesforce orgs, but even on the toughest days, I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t trade this fantastic experience for the world.  My favorite author, Carol Dweck, who I’m certain listens to a lot of Petey Pablo, describes the growth-oriented mindset as one that is necessary for continued innovation, and that’s where we are, my friends.  On the edge of growth and innovation, of learning, of helping, and occasionally spinning items around our heads like helicopters.

Keep it up, y’all.

Petey Pablo  (Photo by Milan Ryba/FilmMagic)




  1. LeAndra says:

    This made me chuckle soooo hard. I love the relation!
    *spins lightning cap around my head like a helicopter*

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