Salesforce Was Dropped in My Lap – Now What?

In 2011, Salesforce was dropped in my lap, right in time for Valentine’s Day. I’d returned from maternity leave and was now committed to working with a project team to birth the implementation of Service Cloud. Maybe it was cupid’s arrows or the mom hormones, but I couldn’t help but fall in love with the tool. That was that, I was an Accidental Admin.

It was time to dive in and get to know the tool that was going to be my go-to from there out. At the time, Trailhead didn’t exist and there wasn’t a budget to send me off to Dreamforce. I was just going to have to figure out this tool and roll with it.

Does this sound like your Accidental Admin story? Was Salesforce just dropped in your lap and now you find yourself wondering, “NOW WHAT”? First, breathe. Then take a look at these tips that I suggest if you are a brand-new Accidental Admin:

What to do when Salesforce is dropped in your lap:

  • Trailhead – You can learn Salesforce for free with this resource of guided learning paths. Even as a seasoned Admin, I find myself trying to earn badges any time a new business process requirement is sent my way. There are modules and projects on anything and everything in the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Ask the Experts – If you are ever wondering if it’s possible, bring your questions to the Trailblazer Community (a place to get support via articles and other admins). With super users like our very own Accidental, Tom, there is always someone out there waiting to help others. It’s the Ohana – no one gets left behind.
  • Learn the Lingo – The Trailblazer Community has a glossary of the system terms, but also familiarize yourself with the terms you’ll see us throw around here – like ecosystem (all things Salesforce), Ohana (the community of all Salesforce Users), and Trailblazer (you, as in anyone wanting to learn about Salesforce).
  • Join a User Group – A few years into my experience with Salesforce, the local user group got started. Now there are hundreds of groups around the world ready to help each other. Find one that fits your niche – locally I have access to Admin, Developer, Non-Profit, and Women in Tech groups – and dive right in. With events like work-a-longs, release note reviews, product spotlights, and happy hours, there is something for everyone. (Not in a user group? Find your local one here.)
  • Find your way to Dreamforce – This annual user conference is the best chance at getting to see how other customers are using Salesforce, to get hands-on learning, and hear the latest news from the Salesforce innovators. In 2017, there were over 170,000 registered attendees and another 10 million+ watched online. If you can’t get to San Francisco in person, catch the sessions from your office.

Now What?

So you’ve done all those things and are feeling like you can do this. Great, because you can! We’re here to help you along the way. Salesforce was dropped in each of our laps and we’re full of great ideas and inspirations to keep you motivated and drinking the kool-aid. Once you see what Salesforce can do for your company and even you, you’ll be hooked, too. Good luck, Accidentals!

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