Trailblazers, Celebrate!

Oh, Salesforce Ohana! What an accomplishment – there are over 1,000 Trailblazer Community Groups! Let’s celebrate with a look back at what the Community has meant to this Accidental.

How Did I Get Started in the Community Groups?

Becky – Trailblazer since 2010

Trailblazer Community Groups: Pittsburgh Women in Tech (co-leader), Pittsburgh Administrators, Pittsburgh Developer (when the content isn’t over my head), Pittsburgh Non-Profit and unofficially several other SFDC Women in Tech groups (for ideas, collaboration, and inspiration)


My experience with the community began so many years ago that I forget how long it has been or exactly how I became part of it, but I’m so grateful that I can say I’m a member and a co-leader of my local groups. Okay, if I were to really think about, I likely have fellow Pittsburgh [Developer] group leader John Szurley to thank for my involvement. John was the Project Manager on the first Salesforce experience I had (aka when I became an Accidental) and he + the implementation team were pivotal in bringing the groups to Pittsburgh in the first place. He encouraged involvement and told me I’d get free professional development and networking and I bit.

This led to me presenting on a panel of Pittsburgh SFDC users who had attended Dreamforce in 2016 and getting asked by my boss and another key player in that first implementation (in front of an audience of 25 or so) if I would start the Pittsburgh WIT Group. I have this thing with saying NO so of course my immediate answer was yes. While attendance at our group events has been small, we are fierce and fun and I’m so glad that this was a good YES!

What Do the Trailblazer Groups Mean to Me?

If you look up ambivert in the dictionary, you just might find a picture of me. When I’m in a new group, I’m quiet, but let me loose with a group of people I know and I’m the opposite. The Trailblazer Community is one of those spaces where I feel like I can be me and am welcomed – so it’s a great place for me to bring my whole self to the party. I fit in and am not seen as an imposter.

I’ve been able to meet incredible people from the Ohana through the groups, learned more about myself, experienced some awesome spaces in my city, and am committed to bringing my fellow Trailblazers engaging content. I’ve made new friends – I wouldn’t have known any of the other Accidentals from this blog without our local groups – and keep up with some of my OG’s. It is win-win for me!

How to Get Involved

The easy part is finding the groups that you identify with and committing to going to an event. You can do that in just a few clicks at After that, it’s on you to show up and enjoy. So get out there, Ohana, and be part of something bigger. You won’t be disappointed.

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