#WTHWednesday – The Accidentals’ Salesforce Fails (Take 1)

Recently I have had the pleasure of getting out the of the org I had been comfortable in for about two and a half years and into a Lightning org. This led to several WTH moments as I swear my brain forgot everything it had ever learned about Salesforce.

The other Accidentals and I got to chatting about some of our WTH Moments and thought it might be fun to share them  – see if you can figure out which one of us had which moment and tweet us if you want the back story.

With that, enjoy this “Take 1” of #WTHWednesday, tweet your’s with the hashtag, or just treat yourself to a well-deserved laugh. You’re welcome. (If you like this, we’ll come up with more and highlight our favorites from your tweets!)

#WTHWednesday – The Accidentals’ Salesforce Fails (Take 1)

  • Manually x’ed out 12+ columns from a Lightning report. Totally forgot about the REMOVE ALL THE COLUMNS feature.
  • Forgetting VLookups against the 15 digit ID in Excel are not case sensitive.
  • Trying to login to a Sandbox org at login.salesforce.com
  • Trying to login to a Production org at test.salesforce.com
  • Forgetting to uncheck the null values box on Data Loader after turning it on after an update PSST – Hey Accidental, I’m thinking this would be a great future post! 😉 
  • Waiting for an incoming Change Set in the wrong org
  • Searching for a field in the object list
  • Searching for an object in the field list
  • Searching for the missing ) in a formula only to realize you had a , out of place
  • Adding a bunch of customizations to the Contract object instead of the Contact object
  • Mapping a formula field when data loading
  • Not turning off emails before data loading
  • Searching for an app while in Setup
  • Loading Data Loader and selecting two field values for something you totally could have done in a report

What did you think? Can you relate to any of these?

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